Meet our Team

Behind the scenes, Connect Flow Enhance is made possible via the collaborative effort of our Connect Flow Enhance team. Headed up by CFE Energy Media LLC co-founders, Mary and Sebastian, the team of conscious collaborators also includes editors, as well as featured and guest content contributors. As a visitor, member, or subscriber, we also consider YOU part of the greater Connect Flow Enhance community. Your presence itself is a contribution, and we welcome your comments and suggestions as we grow together.

Mary C. Von Ohlen, CEO, Co-Founder
Mary has extensive professional and personal experience with and knowledge of the concepts of energy, health, and wellness. She also has a large network of professionals within these fields. She brings marketing and content authoring experience specific to this industry as well. She naturally blends her unique gifts—as a leader, teacher, and healer—with her passion and dedication to empowering others to continually realize their own authentic power.

Sebastian S. Smith, COO, CPIO, Co-Founder
Sebastian has very diverse experiences with and extensive knowledge of a wide spectrum of technologies. He brings his organizational and procedural design, and leadership, management and innovation skills and experience to the company. He also has personal experiences and successes with the concepts of energy, health, and wellness and is very passionate about learning about them and effectively educating others.