The Experience of an EFT Session

In the last segment of my article All About Emotional Freedom Technique, I discuss a little bit about using EFT for self-care versus working with an EFT practitioner in one-on-one sessions. I also talk about self-care as an EFT practitioner in my article EFT Practitioners Must Manifest Too which outlines specific results I experienced in a few tapping sessions of my own.

If you’re one of those people who like to delve in and bulldoze your path— removing obstacles to your goal— as fast as possible, you may prefer to work with an EFT practitioner. A certified EFT professional can guide you in the most customized direct manner, using expertise and experience to facilitate the process for greater effectiveness.

What’s an EFT Session Like?

First, we chat a little bit to get a sense of what you want to work on, and then we zero in on where to begin. With EFT, we always engage the mind and the body. As the practitioner, I guide you to tune into the issue both cognitively and physically— as in where you may feel any body sensation associated with the issue, emotion, or belief.

Once I’ve taught you the basics of how we will tap together (it’s basically as simple as “monkey see, monkey do”) and explain how we will go at a safe comfortable pace, we begin the tapping itself. The language we use during the tapping is derived from your own words when discussing the issue prior to the tapping (skillful practitioners are keen listeners), as well as whenever you chime in with something new that comes to mind.

An EFT session is a constantly shifting process as different aspects typically come to light. Working together, we have the ability to rapidly process them via this mind-body technique and shift you back to a more empowered positive place of calm, clarity and courage to take confident next steps that become clearer to you. For example, check out this case study of a client I helped with EFT in the article Energy Approach To Quit Smoking

An Energy Experience

Like all energy modalities, to truly understand what EFT is like, you have to experience it. It’s more of a “show” then “tell” sort of thing. Energetic shifts indeed need to be personally experienced in order to fully grasp the concept.

I’m reminded of a quote from a movie titled Playing By Heart in which Angelina Jolie says to Ryan Phillipe, “Talking about love is like dancing about architecture.” Perhaps the same could be said about energy experiences. Working with an advanced EFT practitioner is a great way to facilitate an energy experience.

The Experience of an EFT Session
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The Experience of an EFT Session
What's an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session like, when working with a certified practitioner, tapping 1-on-1
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