What Is Human Design?

Human Design is an approach to understanding our energetic selves and purpose in life. Based on what its founder called “the science of differentiation,” Human Design synthesizes various past esoteric studies— such as aspects from the ancient I-Ching, Hindu chakras, Astrology, and Kabbalah— and integrates that wisdom with the understanding of quantum physics and modern genetics. Like astrology, it provides a personalized chart that serves as a map to each individual’s makeup.

what is human design

Each person’s unique Human Design chart contains an intricately detailed map that details the specific variations—  which make each of us the truly unique individual that we are. Typically, the first major component of your design identified is which of the 4 basic energetic types are you.  

You are either a Manifestor, Generator, Projector, or a Reflector. There is an energetic strategy for each type – like a basic instruction manual for successfully navigating your life, giving you tools for being your best self and removing resistance. The following video offers a quick illustration of the basic concept behind these four types and how when we are each working in alignment with our individual type, together, we efficiently manifest our power.  

So when it comes to energy awareness, Human Design provides a system that charts your energetic blueprint— including conscious and unconscious aspects— and how to interpret that chart to navigate your unique journey in alignment with your natural power and gifts. Like astrology, there are professionals who spend years studying this complex system to help guide individuals seeking to understand themselves better and successfully achieve their desires. Some people start by studying the basics on their own. If you’re interested in learning more precisely about what Human Design offers, check out my review of The Definitive Book of Human Design.

What is Human Design
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What is Human Design
A brief description of Human Design, understand your purpose in life based on human design system, what it means to be a manifestor, generator, projector, and reflector.
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2 Comments for “What Is Human Design?”

Tracey Holliday


Most of some people’s live’s can be spent feeling broken, alien, depressed and alone. Wondering why they aren’t like everyone else. Wondering why they feel so much more sensitive while in the presence of others. Why they are different in a seemingly problematic way. These are the people that seek help to fix what they believe is broken. Therapy, drugs, vices anything to keep them feeling more like what they believe they should feel. I was that person. When I had my first reading in Human Design, I felt seen, deeply seen for who I really am for the first time in my life. I did not like that I was so exposed as this “being”,… that was not who I wanted to be. I was not who I thought. I was also not what I felt. I was expressing mostly the “not-self” instead of embracing my true self. I have been deeply diving into this exploration of human design because as much as I realize it has helped me to understand myself, it has helped me to understand and love others; I am all about “The Other”


Thank you for sharing so authentically, Tracey, and helping others to better understand how powerful Human Design can be to enhance awareness of one’s true self and purpose, as well as that of others!

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