EFT Practitioners Must Manifest Too

When going through some old case study notes I had submitted for my Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) accreditation a few years back, I discovered a couple cases in which I was the “client”.  As an EFT practitioner, ethically and practically, it’s best to practice what you preach. That means tapping— not just guiding clients to tap, but practicing our own self-care with EFT. 

EFT To Manifest Clients

As a result of simply being open to what might unfold and taking a little time for EFT dedicated to exploring what might be behind my lack of growth in number of clients, I was able to uncover the subconscious beliefs that were working against my conscious desire to manifest more clients.  

As each belief and aspect related to my challenge was revealed through the tapping process, I able to witness the shift in myself and my thinking around these beliefs and the issue at hand.

Starting with a broad EFT set-up statement of “even though I don’t have enough clients, I love and accept myself. Even though I don’t have enough clients right now, I do have some and I love and accept myself…”

Subconscious Limiting Beliefs Uncovered with EFT

I was fascinated as the EFT process led me to the discovery of various associated limiting beliefs of which I had not previously been conscious. These included:

  • “I have to be really good at just one thing to be successful.”
  • “It’s easier if you are a master at one thing.” (versus good at many things)
  • “You have to be the best to succeed.”
  • “You have to be lucky to succeed.”

I was also able to identify limiting beliefs related to receiving money and around helping specific demographics. One example was:

  • “I believe I should help people for free.”
  • “I am not comfortable charging [a certain target market]”
  • “It’s hard for me to receive money.”

Which also led to the opportunity to explore the broad issue of self-worth and what situations and beliefs were behind any lack in that crucial arena. Feelings around setting boundaries in terms of time and money came up to work through as well.

Conscious Powerful Beliefs Emerge with EFT

All of this tapping work led to new empowering beliefs and positive feelings. True statements naturally emerged, such as:

  • “Asking for money, charging people for my services – is for the greater good.”
  • “Everyone wins when I charge, when I’m firm and healthy and clear.”
  • “My services are very valuable.”
  • “I am worth what I charge.”
  • “Well-rounded people can be successful too.”
  • “My time and effort and energy is worth good money.”

…The shifts go on; you get the point.

Powerful Proof: EFT Manifests Results

The evidence of clearing fears and shifting those limiting beliefs followed very quickly. My case study notes included an immediate update to that effect, stating: right away I had attracted four new full paying clients, including one from the specific demographic I had had reservations about charging at all.

It was well worth the time I gifted myself to reveal my hidden resistance related to my challenge at the time, and shift it with EFT to clear my path to manifest what I needed — you can do it too! Why not find out what it’s like– read this brief post on The Experience of An EFT Session.


EFT Practitioners Must Manifest Too
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EFT Practitioners Must Manifest Too
EFT Practitioner shares personal case study, how she used EFT to clear subconscious limiting beliefs to manifest more clients.
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