Master Your Inner Critic by Chris Salem

Having recently connected with prosperity coach and author, Christopher Salem, I looked forward to learning more about his life’s work and realized the best way was to get my hands on his recently published book, Master Your Inner Critic: Resolve the Root Cause – Create Prosperity. Still a fan of instant gratification in certain circumstances, I downloaded the digital version of his book so I could delve right in.

I appreciated that Master Your Inner Critic truly is a quick read. While I equally enjoy a dense text chock-full of complex information that takes time to digest, I like when a book of this nature (about awareness and action) gets right to the point and avoids redundancy. Chris Salem outlines straight-forward practical steps that can be implemented immediately, following the less than a couple hours of time it takes to read Master Your Inner Critic in its entirety.

Chris explains not only how to identify and resolve the root causes that prevent people from realizing their dreams, but also a series of steps to find and follow one’s purpose and stay on the path to prosperity. I noticed that Chris Salem seems to incorporate nuggets of wisdom and advice drawing from aspects of various successful approaches, such as: addiction recovery models, positive psychology, self-improvement strategies, life coaching and business models. Personally, this type of plan resonates with me as I too utilize a blend of effective systems and strategies forming a true holistic approach to client’s goals. Chris successfully synthesizes the information and self-awareness action plan that has work for him personally as well as with his clients, as he explains through examples from his coaching work.

chris-salem-bookWith each concept that Salem lays out for us in his detailed steps, he provides real life examples. Throughout the book, he kept me engaged through his authenticity in bravely sharing revealing aspects of his own personal experiences— from private feelings and circumstances of childhood to humble observations leading to his self-awareness as a mature and more balanced adult on the other side of those struggles.

This isn’t a book you’ll find in the energy healing aisle or the spiritual section per se; however, I couldn’t help but notice that throughout Chris Salem’s book he does use some of the language of energy-awareness that we embrace here at Connect Flow Enhance. In fact, “flow” is probably used the most of all the energy-related terms that caught my attention.

There are also parts where the author directly shares in terms of energy, like in the following excerpt:

“As I felt waves of anger spewing from me like an eruption from a vol- cano, the release was powerful. This negative energy had taken hostage of my well-being and had never allowed me to enjoy the true feeling of success in my career, family, and personal life. Releasing it was like an albatross that fell from my neck, and over the next few months I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin for the first time.”

Furthermore, taking the bird’s eye view of his book, I feel that Master Your Inner Critic is really all about developing self-awareness, shifting what’s blocking your full energetic potential, and embracing your authentic power to manifest a prosperous life. Hmm, sounds like it may be all about energy and spirituality after all!

In the section about “Finding Your Why,” Chris explains that it was only after doing the self-care work to master his own inner critic that he was able to identify his true purpose in life.

“Money also soon followed, but it was no longer what I perceived to be my ‘why.’ Instead I discovered that my true calling was empowering and helping others find their way.”

It appears clear that Chris Salem is following through on that calling with this practical guide for anyone to create and sustain positive change in one’s life. While I imagine the book itself serves as a tangible resource for his coaching clients, Chris obviously sought to share this resource with far more people by publishing this blueprint for prosperity for anyone to read and implement. With the fast international success of Master Your Inner Critic as a best-seller, we congratulate Chris Salem on manifesting his dream, living in alignment with his purpose and successfully helping a whole lot more people now “find their way.”

Master Your Inner Critic by Chris Salem
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Master Your Inner Critic by Chris Salem
A review after reading Chris Salem's Master Your Inner Critic. A guide to creating prosperity and purpose in life, Chris outlines practical steps...
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