Meet Chris Salem – Prosperity Coach

Connect Flow Enhance provides Inspiration, Education, and Resources; sometimes you get some of all three rolled into one. CFE co-founder, Sebastian recently enjoyed meeting Christopher Salem, aka “America’s Prospreneur.” Chris is a great example of a resource who inspires, educates, and also draws from various resources.

author chris salemSebastian felt the introduction to Chris Salem was synchronistic as he quickly realized Chris shares some values and teachings that align with our work  — particularly in the realm of helping people manifest their dreams, a topic for which we had been seeking resources and developing related content. Like us, Chris believes in operating from our true purpose. First, though, we often have to remove the fears that are blocking us from aligning with our life’s calling.

Chris Salem is a regular person, like you and I, with goals and dreams. He too once suffered from those limiting beliefs that can easily block our natural ability to achieve goals. Chris faced and overcame his personal “inner critic” to manifest success. A popular keynote speaker, Chris candidly shares his personal background and the challenges he ultimately met head on to break through to the fulfilling life he enjoys today.

Inspired to help others do the same, Chris mapped out his process to success, including the first step of identifying and shifting those root causes of negative thinking, and which practical steps to take from there. Chris breaks down his recipe for creating prosperity in his recent book, Master Your Inner Critic, which hit international best seller status a month after its release.

Chris offers group workshops as well one-on-one personal coaching. Check out this brief clip where he teaches a group of entrepreneurs about the importance of resolving the root cause in relation to authentic leadership.

Like most great change facilitators, Chris Salem brings a combination of immeasurable wisdom from personal life experience, valuable lessons from the professional arena, as well as resources and tools he has personally utilized and applied successfully to manifest positive change. To learn more about his offerings, visit Christopher Salem’s website — if you decide to contact Chris, mention Connect Flow Enhance and ask for a complimentary consultation.

Meet Chris Salem – Prosperity Coach
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Meet Chris Salem – Prosperity Coach
About Christopher Salem, prosperity coach, author of Master Your Inner Critic book, helping people manifest their goals...
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