The Definitive Book of Human Design

About a week ago, I opened my Amazon package and unwrapped this beautiful new book to review, The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnell. Reading a little bit at a time, I got through this comprehensive guide to Human Design in less than a week. While the book is thorough and dense with detailed information breaking down this fascinating system, the author clearly organized it into manageable sections to consume in a logical order, so I was able to build upon my understanding as I progressed through the chapters.

I can see why this is the definitive book on the topic. While I know there are other books written on the subject, I chose this book based on the author’s expertise and leadership in the field of Human Design (Lynda Bunnell is the Director of the International Human Design School) and her collaboration with the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu (before his passing in 2011), to ensure the text was accurate and complete per his authorization.

What’s covered in The Definitive Book of Human Design

human design book reviewFollowing the amazing background on how the founder received the foundational knowledge and complexities of Human Design to share with the world, Lynda Bunnell, jumps right into the educational exploration of the system. The mysteries of the science of differentiation are unlocked by understanding the Human Design bodygraph, your personalized chart produced by software which analyzes factors related to your exact time of birth. There are many variations to explain, and each layer is laid out in concept and application from section to section.

Rich in detail, full of colored visual illustrations, an abundance of charts and descriptions, the book also provides helpful indexes and resources in the back (be sure to see the recommended sites to download your custom chart for no cost). The bottom line is, the information is meant to guide you to more fully understand your unique purpose in life, and instruct you on how to best utilize your individualized energetic makeup to navigate the your path more effortlessly as a result of your awareness.

How to use The Definitive Book of Human Design for life

Personally, I first read through the whole book in sequence to generally grasp the concepts of the Human Design system. I was struck by all the specific components revealed in my design that make so much sense. From this point on, I will continue to use it as a guidebook to delve into the deeper aspects of my bodygraph chart. I realized right away this is the type of book that can be revisited repeatedly, with newfound meaning in the same text each time its read. It’s that type of rich content that is layered energetically— meaning, I foresee absorbing different intricacies of the text over time, as my awareness continues to expand.

Naturally, you are likely to focus on learning about yourself first and foremost. However, note that you can look up others in your life to better understand them and how to work well together. All you need to know is their birth time and place to download their chart as well. As an integrative holistic coach, this book is a keeper in my professional library of resources to reference when working with clients as it will augment my perspective on them and help them increase their awareness of their own individual nature.

In summary, I think that The Definitive Book of Human Design — if you give it a chance— just may transform the way you see yourself and others in a way that enhances your life experience as a result. But don’t take my word alone, read some of the Amazon reviews on The Definitive Book of Human Design and decide for yourself if this unique resource may resonate with you too.

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